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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 6, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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in virginia and north carolina. >> i've been saying for months, he's unqualified. he's tempt mentally unfit. >> according to those that know me, my temperament. >> we're going to run a campaign of issues, not insults. >> we'll bring our jobs back. thank you, everybody, i love you. thank you! [ cheers and applause ] >> the best political team in the business is here. let's start with jacob rascon in virginia beach, where donald trump will be in just a few hours. jacob, let's start with what appears to be yet another shift from trump on his signature issue. what can you tell us? >> reporter: so last week, craig, he made it clear, he said those hoping for legal status had one option, and one option only. to leave the country and apply for reentry. he seemed to change his tune, refusing to rule out a path to
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legalization for those here illegally who are not criminals. asked specifically about that, here's what he said. >> you have to get them and you have to come back in to become a citizen. >> we're confused. a lot of republican plans have talked about letting people have a legal status. just able to live here, work here. people who live here for a long time and contribute to society. >> we're going to make that decision in the future. >> reporter: so bottom line, refusing to rule out a path to legalization, not citizenship, but legalization for those who are not criminals who are here illegally. he seems to want it both ways, craig. >> this new story that seems to be gaining traction this morning regarding donald trump's charitable foundation. the attorney general of florida. what more can you tell us about that? >> reporter: so the reason, craig, this is such a big deal is because on the trail for months, trump repeated that he gave to politicians over his
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career, because they would do whatever he wanted them to do. that he understood the system and that's why he says he's uniquely qualified to break it up. so specifically, this instance, back in 2013 when pam bondi, and she's a high-profile supporter now, her office was considering joining an investigation into alleged fraud into trump university around that time. the trump foundation gave a $25,000 donation to her office, the florida attorney general's office, and now it comes to light that the trump foundation had to pay a fine for that. it was not allowed as a donation. the trump campaign has admitted that that happened, and said that it was a minor issue. in fact, the exact quote from the trump campaign, i'll read it here. this was a minor issue brought to the attention of the foundation, and addressed immediately. mr. trump paid the fine. of course, all of of this with the news about the clinton foundation. now we're talking about the trump foundation when it appears
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that they made this donation at the exact time that the office was considering this investigation into trump university, and they never ended up opening that investigation at all. craig? >> jacob rascon for us in virginia beach, virginia, this morning. thank you. hillary clinton also back on the campaign trail after a week, devoted almost entirely to private fund-raisers. the democratic nominee ended that nearly 300-day streak of no news conferences as well for about 25 minutes monday, clinton let reporters pepper her. dismissed questions over her health, even though critics raised that issue once again during a pretty bad coughing fit. >> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. whoa.
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>> that went on for about ten minutes. nbc's kristen welker following this in brooklyn. the clinton team, as you know, down for a while, off the trail for a while. it seems that everyone and their mother coming off the bench and into the field. >> reporter: that is for sure, craig. look, with the polls tightening up, it is all hands on deck for the democrats. we saw that yesterday. labor day. really the beginning of the final sprint of this race. vice president biden, bernie sanders, out on the campaign trail for secretary clinton. that is just the start of it. president obama and chelsea clinton on the campaign trail in the coming days. and their goal is to make sure that democrats, their base, are registered to vote, that they're energized and turn out on election day. meanwhile, today the focus is on foreign policy. the clinton campaign out with a tough new ad, hitting donald trump for some of the controversial comments that he has made about military families and veterans. take a look.
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>> john mccain, a war hero -- >> he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, okay? >> donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in a war. >> how would you answer that? what sacrifice have you made to your country? >> i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. had a lot of success. >> you think those are sacrifices? >> reporter: secretary clinton out on the field later today, hitting donald trump for what she is going to describe as his lack of credentials. and tim kaine will be in north carolina, also talking about foreign policy, craig. >> kristen welker there for us this morning in brooklyn. thank you. more now on the new polling we were talking about, out this morning as well as our brand-new mbs news battleground map. nbc news senior editor. >> good to see you, craig. >> let's start with the new
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survey out this morning. what are the top lines? >> our brand-new poll, craig. it shows it's our nbc survey monkey, weekly tracking poll, hillary clinton with a six-point lead. exactly where it was last week. very steady as she goes race. but another poll shows a different story out today, courtesy of cnn, where you end up having donald trump now with a two-point lead over hillary clinton. one big difference between the two polls, the survey monkey was among registered voters. this poll is among likely voters. now among registered in this same poll, hillary clinton with a three-point advantage. so kind of a five-point swing. certainly something -- this has gotten a lot of attention today. >> the methodology. >> well, it's the methodology, but who they are measuring. this poll is among likely voters. cnn says we think will show up to the polls, versus the more general universe of registered voters. >> which we always use. >> correct. >> white college graduates. this, of course, a loyal
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republican voting block in the past. where are they right now? >> right now firmly in, you know, hillary clinton's column. and that's actually a big change historically. these have historically been republican voters. and craig, let's go into some of the swing state polling where this shows that hillary clinton now has an eight-point lead over donald trump in pennsylvania. >> when you draw, i love that. >> and one of the big reasons is the affluent suburbs in -- outside of pennsylvania. you can do it too. but she has an eight-point lead, considering to cbs poll that's out. and then talking about more, you know -- the white voters in north carolina. you also have hillary clinton plus four in this battleground state. and so this -- a lot of the lead that she ends up having is coming from these affluent college-educated whites. >> she's up in north carolina, according to this poll. we have leaned to toss-up. why is that? >> i'll get to that.
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one new thing, new hampshire shows her with a nine-point lead. you go into our battleground map, and one of the big changes, and yes -- here's north carolina. this should actually be in the toss up college here. we change it. plus four. our own polling of north carolina in august had it plus nine for hillary clinton. because it's a little bit closer race. we moved that back in the toss-up. we moved nebraska's one electoral vote back to toss-up. but still, what do you end up getting? you have a 272-174 advantage for hillary clinton. it only takes 270 electoral votes to win. and right now, even with ohio being a toss-up, even -- georgia, you have florida, you end up having iowa, with all those toss-up races right now, hillary clinton has the battle ground map. >> so the headline here, is the race has narrowed but not by that much. >> correct. >> mark murray, senior political editor. every time -- i just feel like -- >> pretty cool. >> you know? they never let me play with it. thank you. msnbc political analyst,
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craig tyler, ted cruz's presidential campaign. good to see you on a tuesday. thank you. >> morning. >> you saw that map we were showing there. >> we've got to get you your own map. >> i've been asking for months. mark was function mentioning, hillary clinton with more than enough votes to win this thing. if you are donald trump on a tuesday morning, what do you about where you currently stabbed in this race? >> well, he's tied in ohio, but unfortunately, losing georgia. as you said, north carolina back in play. this is all going to be about these battleground states, and i think that's why you're seeing donald trump modulate his position on immigration, where he's now saying he hasn't ruled out a path to legalization. that's important to the republican educated affluent voters, mostly in the suburb. he knows he cannot win with simply a base he has. he has to expand that base. is. >> is this persistent ambiguity
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on immigration? is this part of his overarching strategy to reach these voters? last week, it's absolutely not, absolutely not. no pathway to citizenship. and this week, yeah, we'll talk about it later. >> no, i think a case of donald trump being undisciplined and occasionally someone gets through to him and he believes them and goes out and pursues that strategy. only to reverse himself. but my sense is that he'll probably stay right where he is and leave the undocumented -- that percentage that he says he won't deport immediately, which are people who are here, illegally, but haven't confronted the law, that he said visa overstays he would remove illegally and people who have a significant criminal record. it's interesting about visa overstays. people who originally came in legally and now are here illegally, he would remove them before he would move people who just came out here outright illegally. so still very inconsistent. people are not sure what his position is. i suspect he'll be in a holding
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pattern and try to continue to pick up more educated, suburban voters. >> i want to call your attention to something that mr. trump said in an interview this morning. take a listen. we'll talk about it on the other side. >> been talking about hillary clinton's stamina. >> right. >> you even said she doesn't look presidential. >> i really do believe, yes. >> what do you mean by that? >> i just don't think she has a presidential look. and you need a presidential look. you have to get the job done. i think if she went to mexico, she would have total failure. we had a big success. >> she doesn't have a presidential look. for someone who is looking out of a 15-point deficit with women in particular in this latest national poll, why make comments like that that could certainly be seen as sexist? >> yeah, he's -- you're absolutely right. he should not be saying those things, because the first immediate conclusion when you say a woman doesn't look presidential, people immediately draw the conclusion that you're saying that women can't look presidential. and that is not going to go over
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well with the people that he's losing, primarily women. and that's the vote he needs to try to expand. particularly republican women who have sort of been sitting on the fence here. >> rick tyler, always good to see you. thank you so much for your time. >> thanks, craig. we are, again, just one day -- actually, just hours away from tomorrow's prime time commander in chief forum, life from the intrepid, sea, air and space museum. hosting hillary clinton and donald trump for a live televised forum, hosted by matt lauer. that's tomorrow, september 7th, 8:00 eastern on nbc and right here on msnbc. super power staredown. president obama and vam holding the high-sakes meeting. russia trying to interfere in our election. and back to work. the ambitious agenda facing lawmakers when they return before their next break. you push
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president obama in a, quote, candid and blunt meeting with russia's president, vladimir putin. president obama warned about cyber attacks on the united states, that are apparently coming from russia hackers. >> what we cannot do is have a situation in which suddenly this becomes the wild, wild west, where countries that have significant cyber capacity start engaging in competition, unhealthy competition or conflict through these means. >> let's bring in professor of
7:17 am
international affairs at the new school. always good to see you. thanks for stopping by. let's start with the president there. how likely is it that mr. putin will heed president obama's warnings on russia-directed cyber attacks? >> putin made it clear that russia has nothing to do with it, that russia is not engaged in cyber terrorism. and as long as putin is going to insist that he hasn't done it, and as long as the americans are going to say, probably, likely, maybe, it is possible putin will have plausible deniability. so i'm not sure that the heeding will happen, because it does seem that that lack of absolute -- not conviction, but sort of absolute insistence that russia did it, except for political conversations, actually gives putin some sort of leeway. >> what do we know about, the probability that it was, in fact, russia? i mean, are these the kinds of shenanigans that the russian
7:18 am
government typically engages it? >> absolutely. even james clapper said that people -- countries spy on each other at all times. it's just they don't know about making public and visible as happened with the dnc and leak of those. and wikileaks. that's something that is new. but then, of course, the person who was accused of those actually was indicted, a romanian-born and russia says, we have nothing to do with that, because he has been known for doing this for quite some time. once again, as long as probable, maybe, likely is going to exist in american language, putin will have a way to say, well, everybody does it, and by the way, i didn't do it. >> you mentioned the democratic national committee e-mail hack. democrats have charged it was, in fact, putin exerting -- trying to exert influence over the election in favor of trump. this is what secretary clinton said about that yesterday. >> i think it's quite intriguing
7:19 am
that this activity has happened around the time trump became the nominee. and, look, he very early on allied himself with putin's policies. >> why would vladimir putin want to see donald trump in the white house instead of hillary clinton? >> well, donald trump many times said that he likes vladimir putin, he actually wants businesses in russia. he tried to arrange businesses in russia. he had a beauty pageant there at one time. and he likes strong leaders. that's a given. he likes people who say it like it is, and shoot from the hip and whatnot. so putin is very twin-like for trump. but in many more ways, i think -- and, of course, that is very convenient for putin, because trump says, well, we'll look at nato and we don't know. we're maybe admit that crimea's
7:20 am
annexation was not such a crime. so all of these things putin does welcome, because he would say it would be very, very refreshing if the united states would have good relationship with russia, and he's the one to push it forward. so for putin, that's convenient. i think what goes against trump for putin, that's why he's very luke warm, at least when you listen to him, and russia -- in russian, when he speaks about trump, is that trump is unpredictable. we have no idea what trump is going to do. today he is putin's friend and tomorrow they would fight over the nuclear code. >> let's talk about this "washington post" article this morning. the united states investigating a potential covert russian operation to sell public distrust in the upcoming election, coming from "the washington post." why would disrupting the russian operation be of russian interest? >> certainly in the soviet times, just the perception that they have so much power, that they can influence the great
7:21 am
juggernaut in american elections really gives the great reputation for a country that is vying for its own power. tries to say -- tries to become a super power again. so in this sense, it's once again very convenient for vladimir putin's reputation. >> that stare down we just saw, really quickly, ten seconds, you see those two staring at each other like that. not that picture, but -- that one. what's -- what's happening there? >> well, i mean, we've been analyzing and reanalyzing their relationship for years now. it's always the same stare. they clearly despise each other. >> clearly tedispiece each othe. >> clearly. and for putin, thank glad barack obama is going to be out of office and putin plans to stay on for at least a decade. >> thank you so much for stopping by. >> thank you. back to school, back to work for lawmakers in washington. we'll tell you what's first up on the agenda, and what the fight to the finish on the campaign trail means on capitol hill, if anything. ♪"all you need is love" plays
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a live look there at the u.s. capitol, all shiny and new on this tuesday morning. workers removed most of the scaffolding from the dome. the nearly two-year-long project fixed thousands of cracks. and are you ready for this? it came in on time. and underbudget, as well. something else we'll see on capitol hill today, something we haven't seen in quite some time, members of congress, lawmakers, back at work after more than a month off. they only have 17 working days scheduled before the election. that doesn't leave much time to cobble together a budget and avoid a government shutdown by month's end. nbc capitol hill correspondent, kelly o'donnell, joins me now from the shiny new capitol. we've got some time before this budget is due, kelly. what's expected to be lawmakers' first order of business?
7:26 am
>> reporter: well, craig, when congress comes back here, it is a deadline kind of situation. and that's something they're accustomed to. so the federal budget has a fiscal year that begins and ends october 1st. so there's some pressure to get a budget done. there is also funding for the zika virus. we expect senators to take a vote on that late today, when they return to washington. and because of the way it's structured, it's expected to fail for a third time. part of the fight about that isn't the idea of money to fight zika. it's how to pay for it, what should go in place of it, and there's been a battle between the parties over this. republicans are also looking for a way to cut some of the funding for planned parenthood. one of their core issues in order to move the zika funding through. that's part of what we've got. as you can see, tours are moving again through here. that renovation you talked about, you'll hear that phrase, "on time and under budget" a lot. the rotunda, probably a couple hundred yards down there, is now
7:27 am
open again. a gleaming capitol dome, almost fully back in service. the goal was to have it all ton by the inaugural and it appears to be right on track for that. craig? >> odds of a government shutdown months before a presidential election? >> reporter: well, there's a lot of pressure on that. and there are differing views. republicans would like to have more time, so that it is not something that has to be dealt with right away. democrats, especially with harry re reid, top democrat in the senate retiring, he wants to have a clear first 100 days for a possible president hillary clinton, to not have to deal with a budget. so there are issues about how much time they should grant, and it could be one of those things where after the election, what's known as the lame duck session, they come back and really fight it out. so would there be some kind of short-term patch? we have seen that a lot in the past. a shutdown amid a campaign season this intense seems highly unlikely. craig? >> sounds like another
7:28 am
continuing resolution. kelly o., thanks as always. ryan grim an msnbc contributor, washington bureau chief for "the huffington post." let's start with what kelly o. was talking about, ryan. how do we think this election is going to affect work on the hill, or will it? >> reporter: the more that republicans think that hillary clinton is going to win are, that affects their calculus. if thank you think about something like merit garland, if they think that trump is going to get wiped out on election day, all of a sudden merrick garland becomes a lot more attractive person, rather than somebody that hillary puts up instead. she could put someone much more liberal on the court. at the same time, zika could influence a lot of different senate races and so could funding around heroin, particularly in kentucky and ohio, which are seats that republicans are trying to hold on, and which are kind of in the grips of ahern epidemic. >> you think that if we see some
7:29 am
activity on the heroin, if we see funding for the heroin fight, even most folks consider, if he seals up the heroin funding, it's over. >> he might already be a shoo-in, because of his work getting this comprehensive heroin bill through over the last several months, something he has actually been working on for three years. but the one hiccup at this point, it's a bill without a lot of funding. and so he can still be hammered on that. if he can work with democrats across the aisle to put together a spending bill that addresses the heroin epidemic, then it's very difficult to see how strickland in ohio, you know, catches up to him. and democrats, they don't necessarily need ohio, but if they don't take ohio, they really have to run the table around the country in order to take the senate. >> i want to pick up on something else you just said about merrick garland. do you think there is a possibility there are folks in the upper chamber who, you know, in a week or two start to read
7:30 am
the tea leaves here and say you know what, we should probably go ahead and give some hearings and take a vote, or do you think that they -- that decision might be outweighed by the optics of it. everyone would see that as essentially waving the white flag. >> if they were concerned about the optics of it, they probably wouldn't have, you know, taken this kind of extreme position to begin with. people like jeff flake have said publicly that they would be open to something like that. other republican senators have said privately they would be. you're right that the politics get very strange at that point. but you're talking about a situation in which donald trump is down by, you know, ten points heading into the election, which isn't the case right now. so it remains to be seen where they are. you know, whatever that pressure is, then that leads into the lame duck. if republicans don't get him through then, and hillary clinton wins, all of a sudden in the lame duck you're going to see them extremely excited about the idea of holding quick hearings and getting a vote for
7:31 am
this guy they have been ignoring for the last six months or so. >> "huffington post," ryan grim, thank you. coming up here, international incident. why president obama abruptly called off that meeting with the president of the philippines. audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4.
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i get it. you can't talk because it's super high-level. no, i actually do build the machines. blink if what you're doing involves encrypted data transfer. wait, what? wowwww... wow? what wow? there is no wow. a diplomatic dustup during president obama's trip to usual asia, meeting with the president of the philippines was scrapped at last-minute because of some very undiplomatic language from president dderte. >> president obama said the united states has a moral obligation to help the people of laos recover from the aftermath of the vietnam war. there are still millions of bombs littering the countryside, killing and maiming half a century later.
7:35 am
a historic morning in laos as president obama becomes the first sitting u.s. president to visit this tiny land-locked nation of $6 million that america bombed so heavily during the vietnam war. >> whatever the cause, whatever our intentions, war inflicks a terrible toll, especially on innocent men, women, children. >> reporter: the president announcing the u.s. will spend $90 million over three years to help clear millions of bombs that did not explode. the president here as laos hosts a summit of south east asian nations where president obama abruptly cancelled a meeting after a vulgar insult when he thought mr. obama would criticize him says he came to power. today, through a spokesman, due territory apologized. he locked horns with vladimir putin, and an intense 90-minute
7:36 am
face-to-face over syria, perhaps their last while obama is in office, the two unable to agree on a cease-fire. here in laos, while attending the summit, president obama will also stop by a relief agency that helps victims of the bombings. the government said it would step up efforts to find the remains of u.s. troops. >> ron allen for us traveling with president obama. this was not the first controversy for the president of the philippines. he apologized to the vatican a few months ago for using the same vulgar language to describe pope francis. immigration indecision or unprecedented campaign strategy. donald trump flip-flopping on his signature policy again. ♪ from engineering and manufacturing... to stealth bombers... to next-generation fighters... ♪ to landing an unmanned vehicle on a carrier
7:37 am
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7:40 am
en route from cleveland to ohio. trump again seemed to change course on legalization. take a listen. >> i'm not ruling out anything. >> reporter: pathway to legal status. >> no, to become a citizen, you're going to have to go out and come back in. you're going to have to get online. this isn't touchback. this is -- you have to go out and you have to get in line and come back in to become a citizen. >> dana vargas, gop strategist, chairman of the national hispanic assembly. head of the mexican american studies at the university of texas and also msnbc contributor. thank you for being with me this morning. danny, trump also said the decisions on the issue of legalization would be made, quote, into the future. what do you make of the recent comments? >> you know, it's tough to be able to nail him down on anything. i think mr. trump is not so much pivoting or flip-flopping.
7:41 am
i think he's bobbing and weaving. his campaign is hoping to be able to cast himself in a light where what he says or his surrogate says gives people the ability to hear what they want to hear. so i think the target audience is not so much the hispanic voters, it's more the moderate suburban white women in particular who are concerned about his tone and the tenor he has taken. he's hoping to be able to give them a reason to say this guy is moderating, pivoting and hopefully vote for him. i think at this point, giving people the opportunity to hear what they want to hear. >> victoria, do you think there is a strategy in this ambiguity? >> i, quite frankly, don't, craig. i think he doubted for a minute whether he needed to soften. it was said he meet with various latino leaders and they were making the hard pitch that he needed to pull back. however, i think at the end of the day, he saw, you know -- you dance with the one that brought you. and that was his conservative
7:42 am
base. and i do think that we're going to see a tad bit more consistency over the weekend. we saw his vice presidential pick, governor pence go on "meet the press." and he really doubled down on that more restrictive tone on immigration, saying we're going to do it humanely, but no legalizati legalization, no path to citizenship. so i think that this is going to be the message that both men, pence and trump, are going to be hammering forward. because they know that they have to rely on the base to turn out. they know they're not going to woo any more new voters. so this is a strategy going forward for the next 60 days. >> danny, you have been fairly critical of trump in the past, urging the rnc to focus its financial resources on these down ballot races instead. is that still the case? >> that is. i think, look, at the end of the day, we need to make sure that whoever becomes the next president, we need to have a republican congress, both the house and senate, to be able to put a halt on any excesses of
7:43 am
either a president trump or president clinton. look, at the end of the day, the next several weeks are going to be a race with a bottom. i think both campaigns will try to focus energies on highlighting the negatives of the other candidate. an issue of deciding which character defect the american people find most important, whether it's trustworthiness or whether it's temperament. i think we're going to see both campaigns trying to focus on striving up the negatives and also maintain some of their positives. but it's going to be a race to the bottom to see which campaign does a better job of making the other camp seem worse. >> victoria, you were there in texas. a traditionally red state, and that's probably a bit of an understatement there. there is, of course, this new poll out this morning, this "washington post" poll shows that texas is now a tossup in a four-way race. you can see it right there. you buying that? >> look, six months ago, i would have said that is impossible. there is no way.
7:44 am
i still think it's unlikely, but more interesting are the forces being moved here in texas. and in a couple factors here, craig. first of all, the suburban white women we are talking about earlier. they're just not buying the trump line. they don't like his harshness. and also, latino republicans, because outside of florida, texas has the biggest chunk of latino republicans. and they are also moving away from trump. so you add those two groups together, you throw in gary johnson into the mix, and this is where we're seeing the numbers from the "washington post" poll. however, i to think that it's going to be a couple more years before we see texas go blue. >> victoria, danny, thank you both. >> thanks, craig. quick reminder tomorrow, intrepid sea, air and space museum, tomorrow, 8:00 p.m. eastern on nbc and msnbc. teaming up with iraq and fancy veterans in america, hosting hillary clinton and donald trump for a live televised forum.
7:45 am
tomorrow, september 7th, 8:00 eastern on nbc and msnbc. hosted by matt lauer. we'll be right back. polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. sì, sono qui... what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico. ahhh..polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could saveou fifteen percent or more. polo! everything kids touch atchool sticks witthem. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. sorry ma'am. no burning here. ugh. heartburn. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast.
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hermine, now a tropical cyclone. tropical storm warnings in effect right now, along coastal new england, as hermine holds on for another day across the country. newton made landfall in southern baja california, as a very strong category 1 hurricane. nbc's morgan radford on cape cod in massachusetts. it looks okay right now there. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, craig, don't let this calm surface fool you. these rip tides beneath are deadly. the storm here just off the coast. as we said, lots of rough surf. also very heavy winds. in fact, those winds knocked out power for 500 homes here on cape cod. and just to give you a sense of what that means, this right here is a coastal community.
7:49 am
so lots of sailors, the boats in the background, lots of fishermen, and, of course, lots of tourists. labor day supposed to be one of the busiest times of year. a lot of these boats here and ferries that run between the islands as well as businesses and beaches had to make the tough decision to close. and that can really hurt the bottom line here. and also i want to show you behind me where those tourists were leaving, the coast guard, you can see the boats with the american flags on top, this is the coast guard, firing their sirens going along the shore and warning people, especially those further out, just how deadly these riptides can be, and be careful. because this rough serve expected to last throughout the week and stretches into next week, craig. >> morgan radford, thank you. up for grabs, our intrepid campaign reporter, jacob soboroff live for us in battle ground, ohio. what have you got? >> reporter: craig, this empty lot that i am standing in right
7:50 am
now was once a beautiful home, like you see in the rest of this neighborhood. how that ties into the presidential campaign, the candidates and the residences' neighborhood, coming up after this short break. over time, they get even better. that's why more people stick with humana medicare advantage. we work together with you to find the best plan, however your needs might change. because great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. at northrop grumman, we've been developing new ways to execute the mission. what once was seen, now stays undetected. where alarms were once raised, now there's silence. with our full-spectrum cyber capabilities, our military can eliminate enemy threats,
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breaking news on a major development in the sexual harassment case that rocked fox news. sources tell cnbc that fox has reached a $20 million settlement with former host, gretchen carlson. two months ago, carlson sued her one-time boss, former fox news ceo, roger ailes, for sexual harassment. aisles himself has consistently denied the allegations. in a statement, 21st century fox says, quote, we sincerely regret and apologize for the fact that gretchen was not treated with the respect and dignity that she and all of our colleagues deserve. former stanford swimmer and
7:54 am
now ex convict, brock turner, has now registered as a sex offender near his home in ohio. in the last hour, turner checked in for the first of many visits to the green county sheriff's office. turner will be assigned a probation officer for the next three years. the 21-year-old will also be required to undergo random drug tests as a convicted sex offender. he must also stay away from alcohol and cannot live within 1,000 feet of a school. turner's sexual assault conviction and sentencing both sparked national outrage and those protests greeted him back home in ohio over the weekend. back to politics now. donald trump and hillary clinton both spent labor day campaigning in the swingiest of swing states, ohio. the focus for the candidates there, jobs. manufacturing, job loss, a critical issue in thrust belt state. but the legacy of another economic crisis is still hitting voters there very hard.
7:55 am
home foreclosures. msnbc's jacob soboroff back on the road today with his latest episode of hit series "up for grabs" and now has more for us from cleveland. how bad is a foreclosure situation still there in cleveland, jacob? >> reporter: it's terrible, craig. in fact, northeast ohio was hit, along with florida and nevada, particularly hard. tens of thousands of homes today are abandoned. hol homes like this foreclosed. many left without anybody in them. this lot i'm standing on right now in east cleveland was a home just a couple weeks ago when i was out here on this very block. people looking to the presidential candidates for help, and this is what i found. >> where are we and what is going on here right now? >> in the gladville neighborhood. this is a condemned property that's been abandoned and the county land bank has taken the property over and we're about to do a demolition here. >> what we do is find vacant and
7:56 am
abandoned properties and figure out whether they can be rehabbed or need to be demolished. >> reporter: is this the only one you'll do all week? >> no, we do 25 to 30 every week. >>. >> reporter: check this out. there is a hole in the floor. >> there was probably a tub there. >> and someone came in -- >> and pulled it out to recycle it to sell it somebody else. >> thousands of homes overvalued, financed by mortgage companies, thousands of toxic properties. >> reporter: so this is the mortgage crisis right here. >> this is the face of it. >> reporter: tell me what you're about to do. >> i'm getting ready to demo this house. >> reporter: is it an easy thing to do? >> no. >> reporter: how does it work? >> it takes years to get it down right. >> reporter: so we're only about, like, 30 seconds in, and half the house is already down. so when you look at what's going on here, it looks like the economy had struggled in this
7:57 am
area. with the big election coming up, are you thinking about voting and who you're going to vote for yet? >> i know i'm going vote for. >> reporter: who are you going to vote for? >> i'm a democrat. >> reporter: hillary clinton. donald trump says he's going to get the economy and jobs back on track. >> i don't trust him. >> reporter: are you going to vote in november, by any chance? >> of course. >> reporter: do you know who you're going to vote for? >> i'm still in the air. >> reporter: do you think a guy like donald trump could fix up your neighborhood? >> of course. >> reporter: you do. >> and so would hillary. >> reporter: who is more likely to help. >> donald. >> reporter: you think so? >> yeah. >> reporter: all it took was 15 minutes! craig, the reality is, in this neighborhood and east cleveland and throughout the city of cleveland, cuyahoga county, mitt romney did not do well against barack obama in 2012. and the fact of the matter is, donald trump is not poised to do
7:58 am
particularly well in this either. but if you listen to the woman on this block, she is saying he has a chance. >> i was in that neighborhood two elections ago. really quickly, the woman there holding the child who indicated she was a trump supporter, did she give some sort of specific reason as to why? >> reporter: we talked a lot about issues that everybody talks about across the country. i remember talking with her in particular. obviously, she has a young child. education is important to the folks i talked about. in this neighborhood. health care is an issue that's important in particular to one group i talked about. talked with in this neighborhood. and as a matter of fact, i saw the woman walking down the street earlier this morning and see if i can have another chance to catch up with her later today. >> jacob, thank you. jacob will be in the buckeye state all week. if you live in a swing state and you would love for jacob to stop by, he'll bring some goodies. tweet him right there, up for
7:59 am
grabs msnbc. tamron hall picks up our coverage right now. >> thank you, craig. right now on msnbc, nine weeks, 63 days, all hands on deck for hillary clinton and donald trump. the candidates and a flurry of surrogates hitting the trail today in key swing states, as two dueling polls out this morning are giving each candidate the edge. we'll show these polls and explain why the difference. plus, north carolina is now a tossup state. that shift comes as hillary and bill clinton, along with her running mate, tim kaine, are set to spread out across north carolina today. by the way, early voting starts in north carolina in days. and one of clinton's prominent supporters, william barber, will talk about the race in that state. and new revelations just how far the russians may be going to try and disrupt the u.s. election. federal agents are actively investigating what's being called a, quote, broad, covert,
8:00 am
russian operation. new reaction on that. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us this hour. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from msnbc headquarters in new york. the candidates barn storming one key battle ground state after another. hillary clinton is holding a rally in tampa, florida, just a few hours. while her running mate, tim conta kaine, in north carolina. donald trump holds a town hall in virginia beach and a rally in north korea tonight. his running mate, in springfield, missouri this hour. they battle for the day with their running mates in ohio, yesterday. both campaign planes just yards away from each other on the tarmac. illustrating how important it is to be on the ground. and our new nbc new survey -- weekly tracking poll out this morning shows hillary clinton maintaining the six-point lead over donald trump nationally. that she held last week. in new interviews broadcast this mornin t


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